Exercise 1

Question 16 :

The name of Pierre Cardin is associated with which of the following fields?

A). Painting
B). Films
C). Pop Music
D). Fashion Designing
Answer : Option D

Question 17 :

Who is well known collector of artefacts and curios?

A). Wadeyar
B). Salar Jung
C). Rabindra Nath Togore
D). Motilal Nehru
Answer : Option C

Question 18 :

Ms. Vijaya Mehta has earned distinction in which of the field?

A). Theatre
B). Film Direction
C). Classical Dance
D). Journalism
Answer : Option A

Question 19 :

Dr. M. S. Swaminathan has distinguished himself in which of the following fields?

A). Agriculture
B). Medicine
C). Astrophysics
D). Physics
Answer : Option A

Question 20 :

Satyen Bose has shown his excellence in which of the following fields?

A). Stage Acting
B). Drawing and Painting
C). Classical Dance
D). Motion Picture
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

Satyen Bose (22 January 1916 - 9 June 1993) was a film director from India. He has directed both Bengali and Hindi films. Among his most notable films are: Raat Aur Din, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Dosti and Jagriti. Jagriti won the Filmfare Best Movie Award in 1956 and Dosti won same award in 1964.