Exercise 1

Question 26 :

National Archives is located at?

A). Calcutta
B). Dehradun
C). Bombay
D). New Delhi
Answer : Option D

Question 27 :

Which is known as 'Garden City of India'?

A). Trivandram
B). Imphal
C). Simla
D). Bangalore
Answer : Option D

Question 28 :

The Central Rice Research institute is located at

A). Rajamundry
B). Madra
C). Cuttack
D). Cochin
Answer : Option C

Question 29 :

Where is the 'National Remote Sensing Agency' situated?

A). Shadnagar
B). Bangalore
C). Chennai
D). Dehradun
Answer : Option A

Question 30 :

Badrinath is situated on the bank of river

A). Ganga
B). Yamuna
C). Alaknanda
D). Saraswathi
Answer : Option C