Exercise 2

Question 21 :

Which of the following films has won 9 Oscar Awards in 1987?

A). The World Safari
B). The Last Emperor
C). Rain Man
D). Amadeus
Answer : Option B

Question 22 :

Which of the following awards was conferred on Mrs. Kiran Bedi?

A). Golden Globe
B). Rani Lakshmi
C). Magsaysay
D). Saraswati
Answer : Option C

Question 23 :

Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadhavana Award?

A). Archarya Tulsi
B). Dr. J. Rengaswamy
C). J. R. D Tata
D). Mother Teresa
Answer : Option D

Question 24 :

'Global 500' awards are given for the outstanding achievement in which of the following fields?

A). Campaign against AIDS
B). Population control
C). Protection of environment
D). Elimination of illiteracy
Answer : Option C

Question 25 :

To whom was 'Bharat Ratna' awarded in 1999?

A). Lata Mangeshkar
B). Amartya Sen
C). M. S. Subbulakshmi
D). Atal Behari Vajpayee
Answer : Option B