Exercise 2

Question 11 :

Since the inception of the co-operative movement, rural credits has been

A). institutionalized
B). rationalized
C). cheapened
D). All of the above
Answer : Option D

Question 12 :

If an economy is equilibrium at the point where plans to save and to invest are equal, then government expenditure must be

A). zero
B). equal to government income
C). larger than government income
D). negative
Answer : Option B

Question 13 :

The co-operative credit societies have a

A). two-tier structure
B). three-tier structure
C). four-tier structure
D). five-tier structure
Answer : Option B

Question 14 :

Regional rural banks

have limited area of operation
have free access to liberal refinance facilities from NABARD
are required to lend only to weaker sections

A). I, III
C). I, II, III
D). I, II
Answer : Option D

Question 15 :

The Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) came into existence in

A). 1984
B). 1986
C). 1987
D). 1989
Answer : Option C