Exercise 3

Question 26 :

When was the toothbrush invented?

A). 1770
B). 1765
C). 1790
D). 1742
Answer : Option A

Explanation :

The first toothbrush was made out of a bone and small brush, by jail prisoner William Addis of England.

Question 27 :

What item of apparel was invented by Ellery Chun, a Hawaiian clothing merchant, in 1931?

A). String bikini
B). Muumuu
C). Aloha shirt
D). Capri pants
Answer : Option C

Explanation :

An Aloha shirt is a brightly colored tropical print shirt that is a popular souvenir of Hawaii.

Question 28 :

Who invented Fountain Pen?

A). John J. Loud
B). Sir Frank Whittle
C). Lewis E. Waterman
D). Kirkpatrick Macmillan
Answer : Option C