Exercise 1

Question 31 :

Who had an explosive idea and first patented DYNAMITE?

A). J. R. Gluber
B). A. Nobel
C). G. Fawks
D). W. Bickford
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

Alfred Noble patented dynamite in 1876. Nobel left $9 million in his will to be used as awards for people whose work benefit humanity - The Nobel Peace Prize etc.

Question 32 :

Who invented the Spinning Jenny?

A). Thornton Hargreaves
B). Peter Hargreaves
C). James Hargreaves
D). Simon Hargreaves
Answer : Option C

Explanation :

Awarded a Patent in 1770. It used 8 bobbins at once.

Question 33 :

Which insurance salesman invented the fountain pen in 1884?

A). Lewis Edson Waterman
B). Sir William Grove
C). Charles Kettering
D). George Fountain
Answer : Option A

Explanation :

Lewis Edson Waterman patented the first practical fountain pen in 1884.

Question 34 :

When was the first elevator built?

A). 1743
B). 1739
C). 1760
D). 1785
Answer : Option A

Explanation :

The first elevator was built in the palace of King Louis XV. It only traveled up one floor, and was hand powered by men inside the chimney.

Question 35 :

What charge card, developed in 1950, was the first to be accepted nationally in the US?

A). Visa
B). Discover
C). MasterCharge
D). Diner's Club
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

The card was invented by Frank McNamara and Ralph Schneider.