Exercise 2

Question 1 :

On a rainy day, small oil films on water show brilliant colours. This is due to

A). dispersion
B). interference
C). diffraction
D). polarization
Answer : Option B

Question 2 :

Point A is at a lower electrical potential than point B. An electron between them on the line joining them will

A). move towards A
B). move towards B
C). move at right angles to the line joining A and B
D). remain at rest
Answer : Option B

Question 3 :

Materials for rain-proof coats and tents owe their water-proof properties to

A). surface tension
B). viscosity
C). specific gravity
D). elasticity
Answer : Option A

Question 4 :

RADAR is used for

A). locating submerged submarines
B). receiving a signals in a radio receiver
C). locating geostationary satellites
D). detecting and locating the position of objects such as aeroplanes
Answer : Option D

Question 5 :

Sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called

A). audio sounds
B). infrasonic
C). ultrasonic
D). supersonics
Answer : Option B