Exercise 2

Question 6 :

The Indian football team made its first appearance at Olympics in...?

A). 1936
B). 1948
C). 1952
D). 1956
Answer : Option B

Question 7 :

Who was the first captain of Indian Test team?

A). Vijay Hazare
B). C K Nayudu
C). Lala Amarnath
D). Vijay Merchant
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

BCCI had established C K Nayudu award in memory of him for contribution to the Indian cricket. The award carries a citation, a trophy, and a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh. Lala Amarnath was the 1st recipient of this award.

Question 8 :

Fenway Park is the home field of what Major League Baseball team?

A). New York Yankees
B). Chicago White Sox
C). Montreal Expos
D). Boston Red Sox
Answer : Option D

Question 9 :

Pravin Amre and Vinod Kambli played for which province in South Africa?

A). Border
B). Boland
C). Griqualand West
D). Gauteng
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

Like Sachin Tendulkar, both Kambli and Amre were coached by Ramakanth Achrekar and played for Mumbai and India.

Question 10 :

Which football hero was nicknamed "The Sundance Kid"?

A). Jim Kiick
B). Troy Aikman
C). Brett Favre
D). Joe Montana
Answer : Option A