Exercise 2

Question 11 :

Which country won the Cricket World Cup in 1999?

A). Australia
B). South Africa
C). Pakistan
D). England
Answer : Option A

Question 12 :

Who did The Rock beat to win his first WWE Title?

A). Triple H
B). Stone Cold Steve Austin
C). Mankind
D). Bret Hart
Answer : Option C

Explanation :

This happened at the 1998 edition of "Survivor Series". They had a tournament to determine the WWE Champion. Mankind and The Rock made it to the finals. The Rock won after using a Sharpshooter. Mankind didn't quit but Vince McMahon called for the bell. This was in reference to what he did to Bret Hart the previous year.

Question 13 :

The name Kunjarani Devi is associated with...?

A). Weight Lifting
B). Target shooting
C). Athletics
D). Swimming
Answer : Option A

Question 14 :

In what year was the first international cricket match held?

A). 1892 between England and India
B). 1869 between England and Australia
C). 1883 between Australia and Wales
D). 1844 between Canada and the USA
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

The first international cricket match was held between Canada and the USA on September 25, 1844, at the St George Cricket Club ground, Manhattan. Canada won by 23 runs.

Question 15 :

How many gold medals have been won by India in the Olympics so far?

A). 4
B). 8
C). 9
D). 10
Answer : Option C

Explanation :

In the 2008 Games in Beijing, Abhinav Bindra became the first Indian to win gold in an individual event when he won the men's 10 meter air rifle competition. This was India's 9th gold medal in Olympic competition. India has won eight gold medals in field hockey (1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1980).