Exercise 4

Question 6 :

Which of the following is a pair names of the same game?

A). Soccer - Football
B). Golf - Polo
C). Billiards - Carrom
D). Volleyball - Squash
Answer : Option A

Question 7 :

'Popping Crease' is associated with which games?

A). Swimming
B). Cricket
C). Water polo
D). Lawn Tennis
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

The odd name of the popping crease refers to the early history of the game of cricket, when batsmen used to have to 'pop' their bats into a small hole that was located in the middle of the crease for a run to count. For a player to run a batsman out, he had to pop the ball into the hole before the bat was grounded in it.

Question 8 :

Maradona is a famous player associated with

A). Hockey
B). Football
C). Cricket
D). Golf
Answer : Option B

Question 9 :

The famous player 'Pele' is associated with which games?

A). Football
B). Hockey
C). volleyball
D). Tennis
Answer : Option A

Question 10 :

Ben Johnson, the well known athlete belongs to which of the following countries?

A). South Africa
B). Canada
C). Germany
D). Cuba
Answer : Option B