Exercise 4

Question 36 :

Who won the maximum number of gold medals in Hiroshima Asian Games?

A). China
B). India
C). South Korea
D). Japan
Answer : Option A

Question 37 :

Bahadur Singh is famous in which of the following?

A). Athletics
B). Swimming
C). Boxing
D). Weight Lifting
Answer : Option A

Question 38 :

Kamlesh Mehta was associated with which games/sports?

A). Hockey
B). Golf
C). Table Tennis
D). Chess
Answer : Option C

Question 39 :

First Olympic Games were held in

A). 876 BC
B). 798 BC
C). 776 BC
D). 898 BC
Answer : Option C

Question 40 :

Anita Sood is associated with which of the following games/sports?

A). Table Tennis
B). Badminton
C). Hockey
D). Swimming
Answer : Option D