Exercise 4

Question 41 :

Which Indian batsman made three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches?

A). Vinoo Mankad
B). Mohd. Azaruddin
C). S.M. Gavaskar
D). G.R. Viswanath
Answer : Option B

Question 42 :

Which of the following is correctly matched?

A). Nehru Trophy - Table Tennis
B). B.C. Roy Trophy - Lawn Tennis
C). Holkar Trophy - Bridge
D). Ruia Trophy - Kabbadi
Answer : Option C

Explanation :

Nehru Trophy - BOAT RACE
B.C. Roy Trophy - FIFA
Holkar Trophy - Bridge
Ruia Trophy - Bridge

Question 43 :

Geet Sethi has made a mark in

A). Billiards
B). Shooting
C). Chess
D). Golf
Answer : Option A

Question 44 :

The Rovers Cup is associated with

A). Cricket
B). Mauritius
C). Hockey
D). Football
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

The Rovers Cup is a football tournament held in India. It was started by British football enthusiasts at Bombay in 1891. It is the 2nd oldest football tournament in India, after Durand Cup. 1st Worcester Regiment was the winner in the inaugural year. The last time this championship was held was in the 2000-01 season, when Mohun Bagan beat Churchill Brothers Sports Club from Goa 2-0 in the final. The Western India Football Association (WIFA) is making efforts to revive the tournament.

Question 45 :

Grand Slam in Tennis means a player has to win

A). Australian open, French open, U.S. open and Wimbledon
B). Australian open, U.S. Open and Wimbledon
C). Australian open, French open and Wimbledon
D). French open, Wimbledon
Answer : Option A