Exercise 4

Question 46 :

Misha Grewal is associated with which games/sports?

A). Badminton
B). Chess
C). Football
D). Squash
Answer : Option D

Question 47 :

The winter Olympics came into being in

A). 1912
B). 1924
C). 1920
D). 1916
Answer : Option B

Question 48 :

Chris Evert's name is associated with which sports?

A). Tennis
B). Swimming
C). Skating
D). Shooting
Answer : Option A

Question 49 :

Ali Sher, an Arjuna Award winner, is associated with

A). Golf
B). Football
C). Yatching
D). Hockey
Answer : Option A

Question 50 :

Which of the following games originated from England?

A). Baseball
B). Archery
C). Cricket
D). Hockey
Answer : Option C