Exercise 5

Question 11 :

Which of the following games is not included in the Olympic Games?

A). Skiing
B). Cycling
C). Cricket
D). Archery
Answer : Option C

Question 12 :

'Queens berry Rules' is the name given to the rules in

A). Boxing
B). Football
C). Tennis
D). Cricket
Answer : Option A

Question 13 :

'Ashes' is the term associates with which sports?

A). Basketball
B). Cricket
C). Hockey
D). Volleyball
Answer : Option B

Question 14 :

The term 'Butterfly Stroke' is associated with

A). Wrestling
B). Boxing
C). Kabaddi
D). Swimming
Answer : Option D

Question 15 :

Which of the following was the mascot of the Barcelona Olympic Games?

A). Cobi
B). Doves
C). hodori
D). Panda
Answer : Option A