Exercise 5

Question 16 :

The term 'Tee' is connected with

A). Badminton
B). Golf
C). Bridge
D). Polo
Answer : Option B

Question 17 :

The name of the Mascot for 1996 Olympics held at Atlanta was

A). Matari
D). Uncle Sam
Answer : Option C

Question 18 :

S. Vijayalakshmi and Nisha Mohita are associated with

A). Badminton
B). Tennis
C). Chess
D). Table Tennis
Answer : Option C

Question 19 :

The Olympic museum was opened at which of the following places?

A). Lausanne
B). Istanbul
C). Athens
D). Rome
Answer : Option A

Question 20 :

Who among the Indian to win the Athletics Gold in 1998 Asian Games?

A). Kapil Dev
B). Jyotirmoyee Sikdar
C). Sunita Rani
D). P.T. Usha
Answer : Option B