Exercise 1

Question 36 :

What do African-American football players Ernie Davis, Archie Griffin, and Tony Dorsett have in common?

A). They all played for Pittsburgh
B). They all won the Heisman Trophy
C). They all led to Super Bowl titles
D). They dont have any similarity
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

Ernie Davis was the first African American to win the prize in 1961, and Archie Griffin is the only player to have won it twice, in 1974 and 1975. Only Dorsett played for Pittsburgh. Davis played for Syracuse and Griffin played for Ohio State. Only Dorsett did lead his team to a Super Bowl title as NFC Rookie of the Year in 1977-78.

Question 37 :

Which cricketer died on the field in Bangladesh while playing for Abahani Club?

A). Subhash Gupte
B). M.L.Jaisimha
C). Lala Amarnath
D). Raman Lamba
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

Raman Lamba, Rambo to friends, had played for India in four Tests and 32 one-day internationals. While fielding, he was felled at silly mid-on by a shot from national player Mehrab Hussain Opee's willow. Lamba was admitted to a private clinic and later to the Dhaka Medical College. From there he was shifted to the postgraduate hospital where he died.

Question 38 :

Which of the following is a Manipuri version of Hockey?

A). Khong Kangjei
B). Hiyang Tanaba
C). Yubi Lakpi
D). None of above
Answer : Option A

Question 39 :

Which county did Javagal Srinath sign for in 2003?

A). Surrey
B). Durham
C). Sussex
D). Essex
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

Srinath was drafted as cover for Australian Martin Love.

Question 40 :

Which county did Sachin Tendulkar play for?

A). Nottinghamshire
B). Yorkshire
C). Lancashire
D). Leicestershire
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

Sachin didn't have the greatest of times in Geoff Boycott's land. He averaged 40 odd, which is pretty low by his standards.