Exercise 2

Question 16 :

In which decade was the ARRL founded?

A). 1940s
B). 1930s
C). 1920s
D). 1910s
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

On April 6, 1914, Hiram Percy Maxim proposed the formation of the American Radio Relay League.

Question 17 :

'CD' computer abbreviation usually means ?

A). Command Description
B). Change Data
C). Copy Density
D). Compact Disc
Answer : Option D

Question 18 :

'.BAK' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

A). Backup file
B). Audio file
C). Animation/movie file
D). MS Encarta document
Answer : Option A

Question 19 :

Where is the headquarters of Intel located?

A). Redmond, Washington
B). Tucson, Arizona
C). Santa Clara, California
D). Richmond, Virginia
Answer : Option C

Question 20 :

Who co-created the UNIX operating system in 1969 with Dennis Ritchie?

A). Bjarne Stroustrup
B). Steve Wozniak
C). Ken Thompson
D). Niklaus Wirth
Answer : Option C