Exercise 3

Question 31 :

In which decade were the first successful diode and triode vacuum tubes invented?

A). 1800s
B). 1880s
C). 1890s
D). 1900s
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

In 1904, John Ambrose Fleming invented the first practical electron tube called the 'Fleming Valve', which is a diode rectifier. In 1906, Lee de Forest invented the audion later called the triode, which provided signal amplification.

Question 32 :

RAM stands for...

A). Random Access Memory
B). Really Annoying Machine
C). Read A Manual
D). Real Absolute Memory
Answer : Option A

Question 33 :

Hardware devices that are not part of the main computer system and are often added later to the system.

A). Peripheral
B). Clip art
C). Highlight
D). Execute
Answer : Option A

Question 34 :

On which of the following sites can you set up your email account:

A). Www.linux.org
B). Www.gre.org
C). Www.syvum.com
D). Www.hotmail.com
Answer : Option D

Question 35 :

The main computer that stores the files that can be sent to computers that are networked together is...

A). Clip art
B). Mother board
C). Peripheral
D). File server
Answer : Option D