Exercise 5

Question 6 :

Which one of the following is a search engine?

A). Macromedia Flash
B). Google
C). Netscape
D). Librarians' Index to the Internet
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

A search engine is a program that searches for Web documents with keyword (s) you specify. Yahoo!, Google, and AltaVista are just three examples of search engines that have been created to help you find information on the Web.

Question 7 :

Which is the best search tool for finding Web sites that have been handpicked and recommended by someone else?

A). Subject directories
B). Search engines
C). Meta-search engines
D). Discussion groups
Answer : Option A

Explanation :

Subject directories tend to house fewer—sometimes more relevant—sites than those found through search engines. Sites in a subject directory often have been handpicked by editorial teams or specialists in a particular field.

Question 8 :

What is LCP?

A). Local Connection Protocol
B). Lost Connection Problem
C). Link Control Protocol
D). Laggy Connection Problem
Answer : Option C

Explanation :

LCP is a part of PPP(Point-Point Protocol).

Question 9 :

What is VCM?

A). Virtual Connection Manager
B). Virtual Channel Memory
C). Voice Controlled Modem
D). Voice Communications Module
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

VCM was designed by NEC Corp. It is supposed to be faster than normal SDRAM, and it is, but it never caught on.

Question 10 :

What does the abbreviation "http" stand for?

A). Hypertext Transfer Protocol
B). High Task Termination Procedure
C). Harvard Teletext Proof
D). Hindustan Times Technical Proffesionals
Answer : Option A