Exercise 1

Question 21 :

In which year was MIDI(dress) introduced?

A). 1987
B). 1983
C). 1973
D). 1977
Answer : Option B

Question 22 :

What does the term PLC stand for?

A). Programmable Lift Computer
B). Program List Control
C). Programmable Logic Controller
D). Piezo Lamp Connector
Answer : Option C

Explanation :

Used in manufacturing, engineering, and process operations.

Question 23 :

When measuring the characteristics of a small-signal amplifier, say for a radio receiver, one might be concerned with its "Noise..."?

A). Fundamental
B). Fall
C). Force
D). Figure
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

"Noise figure" is one critical parameter for determining the "quality" of a low-noise, small-signal, amplifier, and perhaps more importantly, the sensitivity of the overall receiver system. It is especially important for VHF (very high frequency) - and higher frequency - designs where most of the undesired "noise" (noise that masks or overpowers the desired signals) is generated internal to the electronics itself. In HF (high frequency) applications, atmospheric noise plays a much larger role in determining overall useful sensitivity, so a circuit's "noise figure" is less important.

Question 24 :

'DB' computer abbreviation usually means ?

A). Database
B). Double Byte
C). Data Block
D). Driver Boot
Answer : Option A

Question 25 :

'.INI' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

A). Image file
B). System file
C). Hypertext related file
D). Image Color Matching Profile file
Answer : Option B