Exercise 2

Question 21 :

The hot, dry wind on the east or leeward side of the Rocky mountains (North America) is called

A). the Chinook
B). the Sirocco
C). the Harmattan
D). the Loo
Answer : Option A

Question 22 :

The islands of Seychelles are located in the

A). Arctic Ocean
B). Atlantic Ocean
C). Indian Ocean
D). Pacific Ocean
Answer : Option C

Question 23 :

The island of Sri Lanka formerly known as

A). Madagascar
B). Tasmania
C). Ceylon
D). None of the above
Answer : Option C

Question 24 :

The highest sand dunes are found is

A). the Sahara desert
B). the Atacama desert
C). the Kalahari desert
D). the Gobi desert
Answer : Option A

Question 25 :

The greatest variety of animal and plant species is fund in

A). temperate grasslands
B). tropical moist forests
C). tundra regions
D). in hot deserts
Answer : Option B