Exercise 5

Question 6 :

The Mistral is

A). very cold wind, which blows down from the plateau of central France
B). swift, dry, cold northerly wind that blows down from the western Alps and the plateau of Southern France and out over the Mediterranean
C). wind that blows for 100 days a year and may cause extensive frost damage to plants
D). All of the above
Answer : Option D

Question 7 :

The main period of Mesozoic era include

A). Triassic period and Cretaceous period
B). Jurassic period and Triassic period
C). Triassic period, Jurassic period and cretaceous period
D). cretaceous period and Jurassic period
Answer : Option C

Question 8 :

The main percentage of the volume of water in the hydrosphere is in

A). oceans and seas
B). groundwater, rivers and streams
C). glaciers and ice sheets
D). freshwater lakes and water vapours
Answer : Option A

Question 9 :

The main tributaries of Indus river system are

A). the Jhelum, the Chenab , the Ravi
B). the Beas, the Sutlej
C). both (a) and (b)
D). None of the above
Answer : Option C

Question 10 :

The model which explains the various types of igneous rocks

A). rock cycle
B). Bowens reaction series
C). both are similar terms
D). None of the above
Answer : Option B