Exercise 5

Question 11 :

The mean surface temperature of the sun is estimated to be of the prder of

A). 5500ºC
B). 4000ºC
C). 2000ºC
D). 1000ºC
Answer : Option A

Question 12 :

Which of the following is an island sea?

A). Caribbean sea
B). Caspian sea
C). Red sea
D). Yellow sea
Answer : Option B

Question 13 :

The most densely populated country of Africa is

A). Mauritius
B). Rwanda
C). Burundi
D). Sierra Leone
Answer : Option A

Question 14 :

The major countries of Middle East are

A). Iran, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
B). UAE, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen
C). Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Afghanistan
D). All of the above.
Answer : Option D

Question 15 :

The most recent and logical concept regarding the origin of ocean basins and continents is that of

A). continental data
B). conventional current
C). plate tectesic
D). cooling process
Answer : Option A