Exercise 8

Question 51 :

The radiation belts are zones in space around the

A). Earth
B). Jupiter and Saturn
C). Mercury
D). Earth, Jupiter and Saturn
Answer : Answer: Option D

Question 52 :

The periods of different eras are further divided into

A). eons
B). epochs
C). stages
D). Any of the above
Answer : Answer: Option C

Question 53 :

The Plio-Pleistocene boundary lies about ____ years ago, at the beginning of the interval of warming after the last Pleistocene glaciations.

A). 1,00,000
B). 1,000
C). 10,000
D). 100
Answer : Answer: Option C

Question 54 :

The production of wheat has increased mainly due to

A). increase in area under wheat
B). increase in yield per hectare
C). increase in demand for wheat
D). increase in prices
Answer : Answer: Option B