Exercise 8

Question 16 :

The phenomenon of an opening occurring in the earth's surface through which a jet of hot water and steam is forces out at irregular intervals is called

A). crater
B). geyser
C). hot spring
D). volcano
Answer : Answer: Option B

Question 17 :

The northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere are separated by

A). the International Date line
B). the plane of the equator
C). the plane of Tropic of Cancer
D). the plane of Tropic of Capricorn
Answer : Answer: Option B

Question 18 :

The process of soil development is called

A). leaching
B). illuviation
C). eluviations
D). pedogenesis
Answer : Answer: Option D

Question 19 :

The phosphate are a group of minerals of one or more metallic elements chemically associated with the phosphate compound ____

A). oxides
B). silicates
C). carbonates
D). phosphates
Answer : Answer: Option B

Question 20 :

The panama canal links

A). Canada with Greenland
B). North America with South America
C). Siberia with Greenland
D). None of the above
Answer : Answer: Option B