Exercise 8

Question 46 :

The Palaeozoic era contains ____ time periods.

A). six
B). four
C). five
D). seven
Answer : Answer: Option A

Question 47 :

The northern portion of the western coastal plain is called

A). Konkan plain
B). Malabar coast
C). Coromendel coast
D). None of the above
Answer : Answer: Option A

Question 48 :

The ozone layer at high altitude contains

A). atomic oxygen (O) and ordinary oxygen (O2)
B). only ozone (O3)
C). mixture of atomic oxygen (O), ordinary oxygen (O2) and Ozone (O3)
D). only ordinary oxygen (O2)
Answer : Answer: Option C

Question 49 :

The number of a topographic map is 47A/16/NW. Its scale must be

A). 1 : 250,000
B). 1 : 100,000
C). 1 : 50,000
D). 1 : 25,000
Answer : Answer: Option D

Question 50 :

The right ascension is the equivalent of longitude on the celestial sphere, and it is given in the units of

A). degrees
B). time-hours, minutes and seconds
C). only hours
D). only seconds
Answer : Answer: Option B