Exercise 1

Question 31 :

Which of the following is the headquarters of World Trade Organisation (WTO)?

A). New York
B). Geneva
C). Madrid
D). Paris
Answer : Option B

Question 32 :

The international township built near Pondicherry in India in coloration with UNESCO is called

A). Elbaville
B). Auroville
C). Gayaville
D). Broadway
Answer : Option B

Question 33 :

Which of the following is a cultural organisation?

Answer : Option A

Question 34 :

The non-permanent members of the Security Council of the UN elected by the General Assembly for two years term at present include (2-year term which begins on the January 1, 2011)

A). Japan, India, Hungary, Venezuela
B). Morocco, Cape, Verde, Belgium, Russia
C). Zimbabwe, Venezuela, India, France
D). Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal, South Africa
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

For the 2-year term which begins on the January 1, 2011, the elected non-permanent members for this 2-year period will be Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal, and South Africa.

Question 35 :

Which of the following countries is not a member of G-15?

A). Jamaica
B). Indonesia
C). Colombia
D). Peru
Answer : Option C