Exercise 1

Question 41 :

Which of the following is Human Rights Organisation?

A). The French community
B). The Organisation of African Unity
C). The Arab League
D). Amnesty International
Answer : Option D

Question 42 :

The headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency is located in

A). Vienna
B). London
C). Geneva
D). Washington
Answer : Option A

Question 43 :

The head quarters of the International Red Cross is situated in

A). Vienna
B). Paris
C). Hague
D). Geneva
Answer : Option D

Question 44 :

Which was the first country to withdraw from CENTO?

A). Iraq
B). Afghanistan
C). Turkey
D). U.K.
Answer : Option A

Question 45 :

First Indian to make a speech in Hindi before the UN General Assembly is

A). Moraji Desai
B). A.B. Vajpayee
C). Lal Bahadur Shastri
D). Lal Krishna Advani
Answer : Option B