Set - 4

Question 26 :

How can I control on which WebLogic Server(s) my application will run?

Answer :

A system administrator can specify on which WebLogic Server(s) applications will run by specifying targets when configuring connection factories. Each connection factory can be deployed on multiple WebLogic servers.
Note: If you use the default connection factory, you have no control over the WebLogic server on which the connection factory may be deployed. If you would like to target a particular WebLogic server, create a new connection factory and specify the appropriate JMS server target(s).

Question 27 :

How do I use a startup class to initialize and later reference JMS objects?

Answer :

You can use a shutdown class that does something like the following: JMSobject WLSobject = null; try { WLSobject = JMSStartUp.getJMSobject(); WLSobject.JMSCleanup(); } catch(Exception e) {} Servlets can provide a nice solution to provide both initialization and cleanup.