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Question 11 :

What is a Server Group?

Answer :

A server group is a template of an Application Server(and its contents) i.e, it is a logical representation of the application server. It has the same structure and attributes as the real Application Server, but it is not associated with any node, and does not correspond to any real server process running on any node.

Question 12 :

What is the new basic requirement for a CMP entity bean class in 2.0 from that of ejb 1.1?

Answer :

It must be abstract class. The container extends it and implements methods which are required for managing the relationships

Question 13 :

What's new in the EJB 2.0 specification?

Answer :

Following are some of the main features supported in EJB 2.0:
1. Integration of EJB with JMS,
2. Message Driven Beans,
3. Implement additional Business methods in Home interface which are not specific for bean instance, EJB QL.

Question 14 :

How can I access EJB from ASP?

Answer :

We can use the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Client Access Services (J2EETM CAS) COM Bridge 1.0, currently downloadable from Sun

Question 15 :

What is the relationship between local interfaces and container-managed relationships?

Answer :

Entity beans that have container-managed relationships with other entity beans, must be accessed in the same local scope as those related beans, and therefore typically provide a local client view. In order to be the target of a container-managed relationship, an entity bean with container-managed persistence must provide a local interface.