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Question 26 :

What is bean-managed persistence ?

Answer :

The mechanism whereby data transfer between an entity bean's variables and a resource manager is managed by the entity bean.

Question 27 :

What is bean-managed transaction ?

Answer :

A transaction whose boundaries are defined by an enterprise bean.

Question 28 :

What is binding (XML) ?

Answer :

Generating the code needed to process a well-defined portion of XML data.

Question 29 :

What is binding (JavaServer Faces technology) ?

Answer :

Wiring UI components to back-end data sources such as backing bean properties.

Question 30 :

What is build file ?

Answer :

The XML file that contains one or more asant targets. A target is a set of tasks you want to be executed. When starting asant, you can select which targets you want to have executed. When no target is given, the project's default target is executed.