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Question 36 :

What is cascade delete ?

Answer :

A deletion that triggers another deletion. A cascade delete can be specified for an entity bean that has container-managed persistence.

Question 37 :

What is CDATA ?

Answer :

A predefined XML tag for character data that means "don't interpret these characters," as opposed to parsed character data (PCDATA), in which the normal rules of XML syntax apply. CDATA sections are typically used to show examples of XML syntax.

Question 38 :

What is certificate authority ?

Answer :

A trusted organization that issues public key certificates and provides identification to the bearer.

Question 39 :

What is client-certificate authentication ?

Answer :

An authentication mechanism that uses HTTP over SSL, in which the server and, optionally, the client authenticate each other with a public key certificate that conforms to a standard that is defined by X.509 Public Key Infrastructure.

Question 40 :

What is comment ?

Answer :

In an XML document, text that is ignored unless the parser is specifically told to recognize it.