Set - 2

Question 1 :

What is conversational state ?

Answer :

The field values of a session bean plus the transitive closure of the objects reachable from the bean's fields. The transitive closure of a bean is defined in terms of the serialization protocol for the Java programming language, that is, the fields that would be stored by serializing the bean instance.

Question 2 :

What is CORBA ?

Answer :

Common Object Request Broker Architecture. A language-independent distributed object model specified by the OMG.

Question 3 :

What is create method ?

Answer :

A method defined in the Interview Questions - Home interface and invoked by a client to create an enterprise bean.

Question 4 :

What is credentials ?

Answer :

The information describing the security attributes of a principal.

Question 5 :

What is CSS ?

Answer :

Cascading style sheet. A stylesheet used with HTML and XML documents to add a style to all elements marked with a particular tag, for the direction of browsers or other presentation mechanisms.