Set - 2

Question 16 :

What is digest authentication ?

Answer :

An authentication mechanism in which a Web application authenticates itself to a Web server by sending the server a message digest along with its HTTP request message. The digest is computed by employing a one-way hash algorithm to a concatenation of the HTTP request message and the client's password. The digest is typically much smaller than the HTTP request and doesn't contain the password.

Question 17 :

What is distributed application ?

Answer :

An application made up of distinct components running in separate runtime environments, usually on different platforms connected via a network. Typical distributed applications are two-tier (client-server), three-tier (client-middleware-server), and multitier (client-multiple middleware-multiple servers).

Question 18 :

What is document ?

Answer :

In general, an XML structure in which one or more elements contains text intermixed with subelements.

Question 19 :

What is Document Object Model ?

Answer :

An API for accessing and manipulating XML documents as tree structures. DOM provides platform-neutral, language-neutral interfaces that enables programs and scripts to dynamically access and modify content and structure in XML documents.

Question 20 :

What is document root ?

Answer :

The top-level directory of a WAR. The document root is where JSP pages, client-side classes and archives, and static Web resources are stored.