Set - 2

Question 26 :

What is EJB container ?

Answer :

A container that implements the EJB component contract of the J2EE architecture. This contract specifies a runtime environment for enterprise beans that includes security, concurrency, life-cycle management, transactions, deployment, naming, and other services. An EJB container is provided by an EJB or J2EE server.

Question 27 :

What is EJB container provider ?

Answer :

A vendor that supplies an EJB container.

Question 28 :

What is EJB context ?

Answer :

A vendor that supplies an EJB container. An object that allows an enterprise bean to invoke services provided by the container and to obtain the information about the caller of a client-invoked method.

Question 29 :

What is EJB Home object ?

Answer :

An object that provides the life-cycle operations (create, remove, find) for an enterprise bean. The class for the EJB Home object is generated by the container's deployment tools. The EJB Home object implements the enterprise bean's Home interface. The client references an EJB Home object to perform life-cycle operations on an EJB object. The client uses JNDI to locate an EJB Home object.

Question 30 :

What is EJB JAR file ?

Answer :

A JAR archive that contains an EJB module.