Set - 2

Question 46 :

What is error ?

Answer :

A SAX parsing error is generally a validation error; in other words, it occurs when an XML document is not valid, although it can also occur if the declaration specifies an XML version that the parser cannot handle. See also fatal error, warning.

Question 47 :

What is Extensible Markup Language ?

Answer :


Question 48 :

What is external entity ?

Answer :

An entity that exists as an external XML file, which is included in the XML document using an entity reference.

Question 49 :

What is external subset ?

Answer :

That part of a DTD that is defined by references to external DTD files.

Question 50 :

What is fatal error ?

Answer :

A fatal error occurs in the SAX parser when a document is not well formed or otherwise cannot be processed. See also error, warning.