Set - 3

Question 41 :

What is JavaBeans component ?

Answer :

A Java class that can be manipulated by tools and composed into applications. A JavaBeans component must adhere to certain property and event interface conventions.

Question 42 :

What is JavaMail ?

Answer :

An API for sending and receiving email.

Question 43 :

What is JavaServer Faces Technology ?

Answer :

A framework for building server-side user interfaces for Web applications written in the Java programming language.

Question 44 :

What is JavaServer Faces conversion model ?

Answer :

A mechanism for converting between string-based markup generated by JavaServer Faces UI components and server-side Java objects.

Question 45 :

What is JavaServer Faces event and listener model ?

Answer :

A mechanism for determining how events emitted by JavaServer Faces UI components are handled. This model is based on the JavaBeans component event and listener model.