Set - 4

Question 11 :

What is JMS session ?

Answer :

A single-threaded context for sending and receiving JMS messages. A JMS session can be nontransacted, locally transacted, or participating in a distributed transaction.

Question 12 :

What is JNDI ?

Answer :

Abbreviate of Java Naming and Directory Interface.

Question 13 :

What is JSP ?

Answer :

Abbreviate of JavaServer Pages.

Question 14 :

What is JSP action ?

Answer :

A JSP element that can act on implicit objects and other server-side objects or can define new scripting variables. Actions follow the XML syntax for elements, with a start tag, a body, and an end tag; if the body is empty it can also use the empty tag syntax. The tag must use a prefix. There are standard and custom actions.

Question 15 :

What is JSP container ?

Answer :

A container that provides the same services as a servlet container and an engine that interprets and processes JSP pages into a servlet.