Set - 4

Question 16 :

What is JSP container, distributed ?

Answer :

A JSP container that can run a Web application that is tagged as distributable and is spread across multiple Java virtual machines that might be running on different hosts.

Question 17 :

What is JSP custom action ?

Answer :

A user-defined action described in a portable manner by a tag library descriptor and imported into a JSP page by a taglib directive. Custom actions are used to encapsulate recurring tasks in writing JSP pages.

Question 18 :

What is JSP custom tag ?

Answer :

A tag that references a JSP custom action.

Question 19 :

What is JSP declaration ?

Answer :

A JSP scripting element that declares methods, variables, or both in a JSP page.

Question 20 :

What is JSP directive ?

Answer :

A JSP element that gives an instruction to the JSP container and is interpreted at translation time.