Set - 4

Question 41 :

What is message consumer ?

Answer :

An object created by a JMS session that is used for receiving messages sent to a destination.

Question 42 :

What is message-driven bean ?

Answer :

An enterprise bean that is an asynchronous message consumer. A message-driven bean has no state for a specific client, but its instance variables can contain state across the handling of client messages, including an open database connection and an object reference to an EJB object. A client accesses a message-driven bean by sending messages to the destination for which the bean is a message listener.

Question 43 :

What is message producer ?

Answer :

An object created by a JMS session that is used for sending messages to a destination.

Question 44 :

What is mixed-content model ?

Answer :

A DTD specification that defines an element as containing a mixture of text and one more other elements. The specification must start with #PCDATA, followed by diverse elements, and must end with the "zero-or-more" asterisk symbol (*).

Question 45 :

What is method-binding expression ?

Answer :

A Java Server Faces EL expression that refers to a method of a backing bean. This method performs either event handling, validation, or navigation processing for the UI component whose tag uses the method-binding expression.