Set - 5

Question 26 :

What is query string ?

Answer :

A component of an HTTP request URL that contains a set of parameters and values that affect the handling of the request.

Question 27 :

What is queue ?

Answer :

A messaging system built on the concept of message queues. Each message is addressed to a specific queue; clients extract messages from the queues established to hold their messages.

Question 28 :

What is RAR ?

Answer :

Resource Adapter Archive. A JAR archive that contains a resource adapter module.

Question 29 :

What is RDF ?

Answer :

Resource Description Framework. A standard for defining the kind of data that an XML file contains. Such information can help ensure semantic integrity-for example-by helping to make sure that a date is treated as a date rather than simply as text.

Question 30 :

What is RDF schema ?

Answer :

A standard for specifying consistency rules that apply to the specifications contained in an RDF.