Set - 5

Question 36 :

What is relationship field ?

Answer :

A virtual field of an entity bean having container-managed persistence; it identifies a related entity bean.

Question 37 :

What is remote interface ?

Answer :

One of two interfaces for an enterprise bean. The remote interface defines the business methods callable by a client.

Question 38 :

What is remove method ?

Answer :

Method defined in the Home interface and invoked by a client to destroy an enterprise bean.

Question 39 :

What is render kit ?

Answer :

A set of renderers that render output to a particular client. The JavaServer Faces implementation provides a standard HTML render kit, which is composed of renderers that can render HMTL markup.

Question 40 :

What is renderer ?

Answer :

A Java class that can render the output for a set of JavaServer Faces UI components.