Set - 6

Question 6 :

What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ?

Answer :

A technology that allows Web browsers and Web servers to communicate over a secured connection.

Question 7 :

What is security attributes ?

Answer :

A set of properties associated with a principal. Security attributes can be associated with a principal by an authentication protocol or by a J2EE product provider or both.

Question 8 :

What is security constraint ?

Answer :

A declarative way to annotate the intended protection of Web content. A security constraint consists of a Web resource collection, an authorization constraint, and a user data constraint.

Question 9 :

What is security context ?

Answer :

An object that encapsulates the shared state information regarding security between two entities.

Question 10 :

What is security permission ?

Answer :

A mechanism defined by J2SE, and used by the J2EE platform to express the programming restrictions imposed on application component developers.