Set - 6

Question 21 :

What is servlet container ?

Answer :

A container that provides the network services over which requests and responses are sent, decodes requests, and formats responses. All servlet containers must support HTTP as a protocol for requests and responses but can also support additional request-response protocols, such as HTTPS.

Question 22 :

What is servlet container, distributed ?

Answer :

A servlet container that can run a Web application that is tagged as distributable and that executes across multiple Java virtual machines running on the same host or on different hosts.

Question 23 :

What is servlet context ?

Answer :

An object that contains a servlet's view of the Web application within which the servlet is running. Using the context, a servlet can log events, obtain URL references to resources, and set and store attributes that other servlets in the context can use.

Question 24 :

What is servlet mapping ?

Answer :

Defines an association between a URL pattern and a servlet. The mapping is used to map requests to servlets.

Question 25 :

What is session ?

Answer :

An object used by a servlet to track a user's interaction with a Web application across multiple HTTP requests.