Set - 6

Question 26 :

What is session bean ?

Answer :

An enterprise bean that is created by a client and that usually exists only for the duration of a single client-server session. A session bean performs operations, such as calculations or database access, for the client. Although a session bean can be transactional, it is not recoverable should a system crash occur. Session bean objects either can be stateless or can maintain conversational state across methods and transactions. If a session bean maintains state, then the EJB container manages this state if the object must be removed from memory. However, the session bean object itself must manage its own persistent data.

Question 27 :

What is SGML ?

Answer :

Standard Generalized Markup Language. The parent of both HTML and XML. Although HTML shares SGML's propensity for embedding presentation information in the markup, XML is a standard that allows information content to be totally separated from the mechanisms for rendering that content.

Question 28 :

What is SOAP ?

Answer :

Simple Object Access Protocol. A lightweight protocol intended for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment. It defines, using XML technologies, an extensible messaging framework containing a message construct that can be exchanged over a variety of underlying protocols.

Question 29 :

What is SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) ?

Answer :

The basic package for SOAP messaging, SAAJ contains the API for creating and populating a SOAP message.

Question 30 :

What is SQL ?

Answer :

Structured Query Language. The standardized relational database language for defining database objects and manipulating data.