Set - 6

Question 31 :

What is SQL/J ?

Answer :

A set of standards that includes specifications for embedding SQL statements in methods in the Java programming language and specifications for calling Java static methods as SQL stored procedures and user-defined functions. An SQL checker can detect errors in static SQL statements at program development time, rather than at execution time as with a JDBC driver.

Question 32 :

What is SSL ?

Answer :

Secure Socket Layer. A security protocol that provides privacy over the Internet. The protocol allows client-server applications to communicate in a way that cannot be eavesdropped upon or tampered with. Servers are always authenticated, and clients are optionally authenticated.

Question 33 :

What is stateful session bean ?

Answer :

A session bean with a conversational state.

Question 34 :

What is stateless session bean ?

Answer :

A session bean with no conversational state. All instances of a stateless session bean are identical.

Question 35 :

What is system administrator ?

Answer :

The person responsible for configuring and administering the enterprise's computers, networks, and software systems.