Set - 6

Question 41 :

What is transaction isolation level ?

Answer :

What is transaction isolation level The degree to which the intermediate state of the data being modified by a transaction is visible to other concurrent transactions and data being modified by other transactions is visible to it.

Question 42 :

What is transaction manager ?

Answer :

Provides the services and management functions required to support transaction demarcation, transactional resource management, synchronization, and transaction context propagation.

Question 43 :

What is Unicode ?

Answer :

A standard defined by the Unicode Consortium that uses a 16-bit code page that maps digits to characters in languages around the world. Because 16 bits covers 32,768 codes, Unicode is large enough to include all the world's languages, with the exception of ideographic languages that have a different character for every concept, such as Chinese.

Question 44 :

What is Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) project ?

Answer :

An industry initiative to create a platform-independent, open framework for describing services, discovering businesses, and integrating business services using the Internet, as well as a registry. It is being developed by a vendor consortium.

Question 45 :

What is Universal Standard Products and Services Classification (UNSPSC) ?

Answer :

A schema that classifies and identifies commodities. It is used in sell-side and buy-side catalogs and as a standardized account code in analyzing expenditure.