Set - 7

Question 6 :

What is W3C ?

Answer :

World Wide Web Consortium. The international body that governs Internet standards. Its Web site is

Question 7 :

What is WAR file ?

Answer :

Web application archive file. A JAR archive that contains a Web module.

Question 8 :

What is warning ?

Answer :

A SAX parser warning is generated when the document's DTD contains duplicate definitions and in similar situations that are not necessarily an error but which the document author might like to know about, because they could be. See also fatal error, error.

Question 9 :

What is Web application ?

Answer :

An application written for the Internet, including those built with Java technologies such as JavaServer Pages and servlets, as well as those built with non-Java technologies such as CGI and Perl.

Question 10 :

What is Web application, distributable ?

Answer :

A Web application that uses J2EE technology written so that it can be deployed in a Web container distributed across multiple Java virtual machines running on the same host or different hosts. The deployment descriptor for such an application uses the distributable element.