Set - 5

Question 1 :

What is VLR

Answer :

The Visitor Location Register (VLR) is a database that contains temporary information about subscribers.

Question 2 :

What is WAE

Answer :

The Wireless Application Environment (WAE) provides a application framework for small devices. WAE leverages other technologies such as WAP, WTP, and WSP.

Question 3 :

What is WAP

Answer :

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a protocol for transmitting data between servers and clients (usually small wireless devices like mobile phones). WAP is analogous to HTTP in the World Wide Web. Many mobile phones include WAP browser software to allow users access to Internet WAP sites.

Question 4 :

What is WAP Gateway

Answer :

A WAP Gateway acts as a bridge allowing WAP devices to communicate with other networks (namely the Internet).

Question 5 :

What is W-CDMA

Answer :

Wideband Code-Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA), also known as IMT-2000, is a 3rd generation wireless technology. Supports speeds up to 384Kbps on a wide-area network, or 2Mbps locally.