Set - 1

Question 16 :

What is bitwise operator ?

Answer :

An operator that manipulates the bits of one or more of its operands individually and in parallel. Examples include the binary logical operators (&, |, ^), the binary shift operators (<< , >>, >>> ) and the unary one's complement operator (~).

Question 17 :

What is block ?

Answer :

In the Java programming language, any code between matching braces. Example: { x = 1; }.

Question 18 :

What is Boolean ?

Answer :

Refers to an expression or variable that can have only a true or false value. The Java programming language provides the boolean type and the literal values true and false.

Question 19 :

What is break ?

Answer :

A Java keyword used to resume program execution at the statement immediately following the current statement. If followed by a label, the program resumes execution at the labeled statement.

Question 20 :

What is bytecode ?

Answer :

Machine-independent code generated by the Java compiler and executed by the Java interpreter.